Dragonfire88's PBwiki Page



I have been writing reviews and posting them on since June of 2001. is a site full of reviews written by consumers on all kinds of things like books, movies, CDs, cars, toys, beauty items, electronics, and many other things.  Anyone can read the reviews, but to be able to post reviews, you have to join the site.


I mostly write about movies and books, though every so often I branch out into other areas.  I am using this PBwikii to organize links to all of my reviews.  The links will be organized by subject like books, computer and electronics, and movies with each subject having a different page here.  I have decided to make a few other more specalized pages as well, like the Harry Potter Reviews page that has links to everything related to Harry Potter that I have written about.


Feel free to check out any of my reviews.


This PBwiki is a work in progress right now.  Actually it will probably always remain a work in progress since I plan to keep updating it as I post new reviews on Epinions.